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I've read the first two books from Laini Taylor - Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Days of Blood & Starlight. I was captured from the first page's description of Prague, where much of it takes place (amongst other countries and Eretz, the world at war just through the portal). This series upends ideas of what makes someone "good" or "evil," "angel" or "demon." It demonstrates what havoc endless war can wreak, and it so beautifully portrays the hope and despair felt by those who want to change the status quo and create a world at peace.

I am no writer; I cannot do it justice in my description. The books are beautifully wrought, emotionally intense, exciting and unrelenting in their suspense and uncertainty of what will happen next. Throughout, the world-building and character development is fantastic and compelling. I'm waiting impatiently for the 3rd and final installment, which should arrive later this week. I think you'll love them, if this genre is on your radar.

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