The Broken Earth trilogy by NK Jemisin

The first book in the multiple Hugo & Nebula awards-nominated series, The Fifth Season, kind of broke my brain—but in a good way. In fact, it was so good that I find myself reluctant to move on in the series for reasons two-fold: 1 - Will she continue her mad skills in book two and sweep me up again? Second books—“the messy middle”—can be tricky, and I do try to avoid literary disappointment; and 2 - I might love it so much that soon it will be over, leaving me bereft. Yes, this is a real thing for me, post-book-delight bereavement. I’m beginning book two—The Obelisk Gate—on my vacation, and I have book three just in case I have to see how it ends. I think, though, that I’ll savor them. Books as good as these don’t come around often.


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