Catching up on Alyssa Cole

Vacation is a great time to read some lighter novels interspersed with the heavy. And Alyssa Cole is a writer who makes me laugh, think, challenge assumptions, and enjoy the ride. She writes in the genres of inclusive (by which I mean her characters are gay, straight, live with disabilities, deal with current political threats) romance and historical romance (Civil War—her Loyal League series is excellent!). Although I’m not usually a fan of short stories or novellas, I make an exception for hers. I am currently catching up on her Reluctant Royals novellas, in anticipation for the final novel coming out soon. Give Alyssa Cole a try. Even if you “don’t do romance”—yeah, I sell very few romance novels at my shop, In spite of my awesome selections—I think Alyssa Cole might change your mind. TW: some very hot sex! Enjoy!


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